Singing ChurchWomen of Oklahoma

Who we are

The Singing ChurchWomen of Oklahoma is a volunteer group of professional and non-professional musicians. More than 300 in number, the SCW come from Baptist churches across the state of Oklahoma. You may find them serving in their church, community, or any number of places of service, but every member of the Singing ChurchWomen is involved in the worship and music ministry of their church. It is the desire of the Singing ChurchWomen to be godly examples to all they meet and to exhibit the love and grace of Jesus in their lives. Their concerts present the gospel of Christ through the vehicle of beautiful music.

About our ministry

In 2015 the SCW celebrated 25 years of ministry. This ministry has taken the Singing ChurchWomen all across the U.S. and many places throughout the world. In 2008, the SCW were featured at the premier of the new Baptist Hymnal at Glorieta, New Mexico.

  • 1991, the SCW sang at Prai-Sing in Nashville
  • 1994, the doors opened for a mission/concert trip to Brazil
  • 1998, the Singing ChurchWomen, the Singing Churchmen, and the Oklahoma Baptist Symphony were invited to sing at the Southern Baptist Convention in Salt Lake City, Utah.
  • 2004, the SCW participated in a mission/concert trip to Romania & Hungary.
  • 2013 the Singing ChurchWomen ministered in Colorado as the BGCO partnered with Colorado Baptists.
  • 2013 and 2015, they joined with the Singing Churchmen of Oklahoma to record “The Applause of Heaven” and “The Journey of Christmas.”

Most recently, 2016, the Singing ChurchWomen were able to minister in Latvia and Estonia as they ministered and presented concerts in orphanages, high schools, nursing homes, concert halls, and Christian camps.

Our Leadership

Dr. Randy C. Lind

Dr. Randy C. Lind

Director | Worship and Music Specialist

Dr. Lind began directing the Singing ChurchWomen in 2013. Dr. Lind has conducted ensembles, choirs, and orchestras of all ages. His choirs have premiered several musicals, recorded several CD’s, and his groups have regularly led worship in statewide events. Dr. Lind also directs the Singing Churchmen of Oklahoma. One of the passions of Randy’s life is helping to usher people into the presence of God that results in a life lived for His glory. 405.942.3800 x4647
Sherry Braud

Sherry Braud

President, Singing ChurchWomen (West)

Brenda Troyer

Brenda Troyer

President, Singing ChurchWomen (East)