Singing Churchmen of Oklahoma


The Singing Churchmen of Oklahoma is comprised of Ministers of Music (full time and part-time), key worship leaders, pastors, and staff members from churches across the state of Oklahoma. These men come from all different backgrounds and expressions of worship. Many serve full time in their churches as Ministers of Music or other positions. Some are ranchers, business owners, concert artists, and more, but all seek to stand shoulder to shoulder as they join their voices together to share the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.


The Singing Churchmen of Oklahoma was organized in 1960 by the Church Music Department of the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma. From the beginning, the SCM have dedicated themselves to sharing the gospel wherever God would lead. This commitment has taken the SCM across the state of Oklahoma, the United States, and many parts of the world. The ministry and music of the Singing Churchmen have led them to minister in Israel, Armenia, Spain, China, Estonia, 2 trips to Russia, Australia, and Portugal. In 1991 the SCM sang at Prai-Sing in Nashville and in 1998, the Singing Churchmen, the Singing ChurchWomen, and the Oklahoma Baptist Symphony were invited to sing at the Southern Baptist Convention in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The Singing Churchmen have produced several recordings during their history. In 2013 and 2015, they joined with the Singing ChurchWomen of Oklahoma to record “The Applause of Heaven” and “The Journey of Christmas.” In 2016 they released their latest recording, “Let Everything that Hath Breath Praise the Lord.”



Dr. Randy C. Lind

Dr. Randy C. Lind

Director | Worship and Music Specialist

Dr. Lind began directing the Singing Churchmen in 2012. Dr. Lind has conducted ensembles, choirs, and orchestras of all ages. His choirs have premiered several musicals, recorded several CD’s, and his groups have regularly led worship in statewide events. Dr. Lind also directs the Singing ChurchWomen of Oklahoma.

One of the passions of Randy’s life is helping to usher people into the presence of God that results in a life lived for His glory.
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Mike Neff

Mike Neff

President, Singing Churchmen