New this year: The State Keyboard Festival is associated with Oklahoma Baptist University School of Fine Arts. OBU faculty and staff will continue the same partnership with music teachers and educators to train and equip students in music and keyboard skills that enhance all areas of life. Click below for all information.

Opportunities for Development and Enrichment

Area and State Keyboard Festivals are hosted by the Worship & Music Ministry office each year. The purpose of the Area and State Keyboard Festivals are listed bel­ow.


To promote the learning and playing of keyboard instruments for the purpose of supporting and leading heartfelt worship.

To provide an opportunity for strengthening of skills through competition and recognition.

To provide keyboard teachers across the state of Oklahoma with incentive to teach excellence in keyboard playing.


To undergird the worship ministry of the local church by developing experienced musicians.

For some students, hymns are not a regular part of worship in their churches. For some students, hymns are a cornerstone in worship. These festivals provide an avenue for all students to develop a love of hymns and to gain an understanding of the hymn-texts. Through this exposure to hymns, we hope students will grow a deeper relationship with Christ. The ministry provided through playing in church, accompanying congregational singing, and leading in worship services has eternal significance.